Jamie was starting his own business & everything was set. The only thing required was PUBLICITY… He was pondering over options until the big idea struck him. He mocked himself for not having thought of it all this while. It was to advertise on radio about his business. He quickly developed an action plan & got to work on it. Soon he was flooded with responses for his business.

Getting effective radio commercials on air has never been so easy, but we at Studio 52 can make it easy! Studio 52 consists of some of the most creative & experienced radio commercial writers & voice over professional artists. Our delivery time is within 24 - 48 hours along with online delivery without quality loss or time lost in transit. Studio 52 is dedicated towards making your advertising campaign a success! We work right from scripting – recording – productions and station placement. At the end of the day, reaching out to maximum audience is what matters to us.

Advertising on Radio is a creative and demanding job that ensures 100% effectiveness in order to grip the audience at all times.

An Effective Radio Commercial ensures

• Striking increase in sales

• An everlasting impression on the minds of the listener

• Building a relationship with the listeners

• Usage of the prospects imagination to portray the most vivid pictures of any medium

• An entertaining way of advertising filled with room for only... Creativity!